Black Garage Door With Windows

Black Garage Door Installation: A Standout For Any Home

When your existing garage door is rusted, dented, damaged, or simply past its prime, it’s time to consider a garage door replacement. You also might be in the middle of building a new home and researching all your options for garage door installation. This home is a perfect example of how a black garage door can increase curb appeal and make your home truly stand out. 

Black garage doors are more versatile than many homeowners might think. Many people believe black garage doors are solely installed in modern homes like it’s an exclusive club, and this simply isn’t true. This traditional home has white trim around the garage, windows, and entry door. This black door adds a pop of color and instantly elevates the look of the entire exterior. Whether your home is modern or traditional, a black garage door installation is a great option!

Panel and Window Designs

You might notice that these panels look slightly different from typical garage doors. We’re accustomed to seeing basic raised or recessed panels or even sleek and smooth flush panels. The design between each row of these raised panels adds flair and a touch of sophistication. Garage doors come in numerous panel designs, and you can customize your garage doors to your exact specifications. From short panels, ranch panels, cottage panels, and carriage designs, you can find the exact door that meets your needs.

Window options are also customizable with black garage doors. This door has two glass panels at the very top of the door, matching the size of the ranch-style panels. Choose between multiple rows of windows, various window placements, such as down a single side of the door, or even full-view glass garage doors. Windows allow natural light to enter the garage, a great advantage to homeowners who use their garages often.

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