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Your garage door runs smoothly—until it doesn’t. When a sudden issue with your door leaves you stuck, the experts at Army of Davids Garage Doors are here to help. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners get their garage doors back on track after an accident, and we’re equipped with the tools, parts, and expertise to do the same for you. 

Garage door roller replacement near Holly Ridge and Hampstead, NC is a common garage door repair we perform. Whether your rollers have caused an off-track garage door or wear and tear has left you needing replacement parts, we are here to serve your home with speed and efficiency. Contact us to book garage door repair near you!


Are you in need of Garage Door Roller Repair? We provide Same Day Services around Hampstead NC!

4 Signs You Need Garage Door Roller Replacement

Noisy Garage Door Operation

Properly lubricated and tightened garage door rollers should move smoothly through your garage door track, making minimal noise. If your garage door makes screeching or grinding noises as it operates, that is a sure sign of an issue with your garage door rollers. They may be moving incorrectly in the track or need lubrication to move smoothly. Contact us when you have a noisy garage door, and we’ll be at your home quickly to perform a full inspection. 

Visible Wear and Tear

Visible wear and tear to your garage door rollers (including cracking or chipping to the wheels) is a clear sign that you need garage door roller replacement. If you allow your damaged rollers to continue operating your door, they may eventually crack, causing your door to slip off track and leading to an expensive garage door repair

Stuck Garage Door

If your garage door starts to open or close and then suddenly gets stuck in the track, you may have an issue with your garage door rollers. Either they are getting caught on an obstruction in the track, or lack of lubrication is causing them to operate poorly. Schedule an inspection with us, and we’ll solve the problem of your stuck garage door!

Shaky Garage Door Operation

Have you noticed your garage door jerks or shakes as it goes up and down? This may be a sign that you need garage door roller replacement. As your rollers loosen and curve from wear over time, it causes them to run shakily through the tracks. This can mean major problems for your entire garage door system, so we recommend scheduling a consultation quickly. 

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Fast Garage Door Repair Near Hampstead, NC

When your garage door isn’t operating as it should, it can leave you trapped in your home and interrupt your entire day. Not on our watch! At Army of Davids Garage Doors, our mission is to provide garage door repair near Hampstead, NC, with the highest commitment to excellence. We would love to serve your home with garage door roller replacement or any of the other garage door services we offer near you. Contact us today to book your appointment!

Garage door rollers are rated to last 10-15,000 cycles (a cycle being one opening and closing of your garage door), which can mean anywhere from 8-12 years, depending on how frequently you use your garage door. If your garage door rollers are nearing the end of their life, we recommend scheduling an inspection and investing in high-cycle replacement rollers to have your overhead door running like new. 

Garage door maintenance is the key to a long-lasting, smoothly-operating garage door system. We recommend having a garage door professional inspect your system for issues once a year, as well as lubricating and tightening all of your garage door parts. Lubrication is especially important for your garage door rollers to keep them operating smoothly and quietly through the tracks.