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Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are motors usually located at the top of your garage ceiling or on the wall beside your garage door. These work with garage door springs and cables in order to open and close your door. Army of Davids Garage Door performs repairs on all types of openers including chain drive, belt drive, direct drive, screw drive, and jackshaft. We can also replace or upgrade your opener with an excellent quality product. No matter the weight and size of your garage door, we will outfit your home with the best new opener. We love to provide garage door opener repair and installation across North Carolina including:

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Our Openers

We take pride in providing the best products possible for our customers. That is why we sell SOMMER Operators.

SOMMER is a highly respected opener brand with forty years of experience in the business. They specialize in German engineering and manufacturing to provide one of the highest quality garage door openers on the market. In particular, SOMMER ensures the durability and longevity of their openers by using direct drive technology. Quality direct drive produces the best results in terms of the quiet and maximum lifting force of your garage door system. SOMMER is both IDA and DASMA certified, providing consistent assurance and satisfaction guarantees where other garage door opener manufacturers fall short.

Common questions about garage door openers:

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What are the types of garage door openers?

There are four types of garage door openers: chain drive, belt drive, direct drive, and screw drive. Each of these work with a motor that moves on a trolley connected to the garage door. The primary difference between these four types is that some work on a chain while others are operated with belts or threaded parts.

  1. A chain drive opener operates with metal chains that draw the garage door up and down. Due to this metal mechanism, it can often be the noisiest option for an opener, although it does tend to be the least expensive.
  2. A belt drive opener uses a rubber belt with the trolley system. Because this belt is rubber, the garage door opening cycle is much smoother and quieter. Additionally, the lack of vibrations reduces the amount of repairs needed.
  3. A direct drive opener is the simplest opener because it does not operate with a belt, chain, or threaded piece. Instead, the motor itself moves the trolley and propels the garage door up and down. We recommend this as the quietest, longest-lasting opener. It is also part of our featured SOMMER Operators collection.
  4. A screw drive opener uses a threaded steel rod that rotates to move the garage door. This opener also has fewer moving parts which reduces noise and vibration.
  5.  A jackshaft opener is mounted on the wall beside your garage door instead of on the ceiling. It is a powerful motor option that works great if you have high lift tracks because of car lifts or ceiling storage. 

How much does garage door opener installation cost?

Garage door opener replacement varies depending on the type of drive system you choose. Chain drive tends to be the cheapest option, but they are noisy and need more maintenance than other types. On the higher end, belt and direct drive openers are the most expensive; however, they are the longest lasting and produce very little noise. To get you the most reliable and highest quality opener, we install SOMMER operators. The best safety and security technology backs their direct drive system to make the SOMMER opener the best on the market. At Army of David’s Garage Door, we pride ourselves on community values which means we guarantee quality merchandise at affordable rates. Please call us at 910-886-6138 to get a free quote on the type of opener you want installed!

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