Garage Door Repair Holly Ridge NC

Garage Door Repair Holly Ridge NC

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Garage Door Company SERVICING Holly Ridge NC

Army of Davids Garage Doors provides excellent new garage door installation and garage door repair in Holly Ridge NC. With our decades of garage door industry experience as a local garage door repair company near Holly Ridge NC, we’ve seen it all when it comes to garage doors. From repairing your current garage door to replacing it with a new garage door, we can do it all with the best replacement garage door parts and quality workmanship. Beyond just garage doors, we also install and repair garage door openers and automatic garage door screens. This means we can take care of all your garage needs. So whenever you need garage door repair in Holly Ridge NC, look no further than your friends at Army of Davids Garage Door. 

We love providing garage door repair in Holly Ridge NC to all the following and surrounding areas along Wilmington Highway and Highway 50 including:

  • The Neighborhoods of Holly Ridge
  • The Landing at Folkstone
  • Chadwick Shores
  • Summerhouse On Everett Bay
  • Village at Folkstone
  • Redd’s Cove
  • Waterside
  • Osprey Landing

New Garage Doors Holly Ridge NC

More than just garage door repairs when something goes wrong, we also offer new garage door installations. When you’re ready to upgrade your curb appeal with the best styles and brands, come to Army of Davids Garage Door. We work with the best manufacturers to bring you quality, durable new garage doors that will protect your home for years. From modern to carriage house to traditional, we can make your vision a reality. Ready to learn more about the selection process for choosing your new garage door? View our New Garage Doors page or see some of our local projects in our Gallery!

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Professional Garage door Repair

Quality Affordable Garage Door Services

Garage Door Repair Holly Ridge NC

We pride ourselves on delivering the best local garage door repair Holly Ridge NC. Focusing on both affordability and quality, we offer a flat garage door repair rate of $150 with all the best replacement garage door parts. View our Garage Door Repair page to explore our list of common garage door repairs including:

With our broad range of skills and experience, we can quickly perform your garage door repair in Holly Ridge NC. Want to schedule your garage door repair now? Give us a call at 910-886-6138 so we can set up your service appointment!

Garage Door Spring Repair Holly Ridge NC

With so many parts working together to operate your garage door, it’s no wonder that garage door repairs have become necessary. One of the most important of these garage door parts is your garage door spring. It uses a high level of tension to support the weight of your garage door, keeping it in place as it moves. But over time, this tension wears on the garage door spring, eventually causing it to break. When this happens, your garage door won’t open and you’ll need garage door spring repair. We can help! Call now at 910-886-6138 to set up your garage door spring repair for your Holly Ridge home. 

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Contact us today at 910-886-6138 for all your garage door repair Holly Ridge NC needs! We would be happy to service your Holly Ridge, NC (28445) home with superior garage door services in your area.

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Does your garage door starts to open or close and then abruptly reverse? The problem is usually with your garage door opener safety sensors. You can locate these safety eyes on the opening of your garage. These safety eyes prevent children or pets from being injured by your garage door as it closes. However, they can get out of alignment or dirty, preventing the door from closing even when nothing is in the way. When this happens, try readjusting and cleaning the eyes to see if that repairs the issue. If not, you should consider scheduling a garage door repair Holly Ridge NC appointment with us.

There are several primary warning signs that you need garage door opener repair including:

  • Garage door won’t open using the remote or keypad.
  • You start to hear unusual squeaking or grinding noises as the garage door operates.
  • You notice garage door opens and closes usually slow. 
  • The garage door has unreliable opening and closing.
  • The garage door begins to close, then automatically reverses.

Whenever you notice any of the issues above, your need to consider scheduling garage door opener repair. The faster we repair any issues with your garage door, the less likely you'll need more significant repairs or replacements down the road.