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At Army of Davids Garage Door, we go beyond garage door repair and premium new garage door installation. We also service and install Rainier Shade Power Screens. Rainier Power Screens are motorized screens that can cover your garage opening to provide the ultimate shade and privacy for your home. Rainier makes each screen to order, custom creating it to fit your garage opening. This means you’re getting a specialized product made to your design vision. Invest in a garage door screen installation to provide long-term functionality and beauty to your home.

Are you currently battling heavy panels or billowing curtains to gain a little privacy and shade for your garage or porch? Instead, choose a power screen to upgrade the convenience and beauty of your outdoor space. They provide the privacy you want from panels and curtains without obscuring your view. Beyond that, they also allow you to see out of your garage or detached building without permitting other people to see into your space. This can be achieved with any of the various weaves and colors options available. Tightly woven or darkly colored screens will provide as much privacy as a closed garage door while still allowing cool breezes and beautiful views. 

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What a Garage Door Screen Does for Your Home

  • Maintains Your Privacy
  • Provides Shade and Cooling on Hot Days
  • Reduces Heat Glare from Your Driveway
  • Decreases Glare on Technology Screens
  • Protects Outdoor Furnishings from Sun Fading
  • Conserves Energy to Save Money

Rainier Power Screen Design Options

The frame and fabric design of your new garage door screen are completely up to you. We can customize them with one of fourteen color options in high-quality powder coating. The screen itself can also be chosen from twelve colors. Explore the list below and visit Rainier’s website to see the available colors for your new screen.

Screen Frame Powder-Coating Colors

Screen Fabric Colors

Garage Door Screen Swansboro, NC

Are Garage Door Screens Worth It?

More and more homeowners are upgrading their garage doors with garage screen doors. But what is making them so popular?  Screens for garage doors can turn your garage into a casual oasis. The most common garage door screens are roll up screen doors, retractable garage door screens, and sliding screen doors. Each type of garage door screen comes with its own benefits, but they are all worth it! Here are a few reasons why you should consider a garage screen door…

Types of Garage Door Screens 

Roll Up Garage Door Screen

A roll up garage door screen is a more cost-friendly garage door screen option. Roll-up garage door screens are very similar to a curtain, due to their simple design and the way it hangs at the foot of your garage. Roll-up garage door screens are snapped on at the top of your garage door and connect to loops along the side. Although roll-up garage screens are cheaper in cost, they do not protect things from entering your garage like other garage door screens. 

Retractable Pull Down Garage Screen 

Retractable pull-down garage door screens are mounted at the bottom of the garage door frame that is the size of your garage door width. Installed is also a chain that hangs from the inset mount. When you want to use your screen, you simply pull on the chain, and your screen unfolds. This garage screen option is made of mesh and does not seal at the bottom to stop pests and dirt from entering your garage. 

Sliding Garage Door Screens 

Instead of opening horizontally, sliding garage door screens slide from left to right to open and close. Other garage door screens are made up of one big screen, but the sliding garage door screen is multiple individual screens put together. You can have a two-track screen or a four-track screen depending on the size of your garage. Since there are tracks at the top and bottom of your garage, the bottom track usually gets filled with dirt and dust, making it harder for the screen to smoothly open or close. 

Motorized Garage Door Screens 

Motorized garage door screens are the most popular garage screen choice due to their simplicity and low maintenance. They are placed on tracks and rollers, similar to your garage door. You then use a motor to open and close the screen with a remote or smartphone. Motorized garage door screens can be customized to fit any home, and come with many different color options.

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In addition to the cooling, conserving, and concealing qualities, Rainier Power Screens are also very low maintenance. Specifically, they are retractable so you can click a button to draw them up when not in use. Also included is a built-in brush cleaning system at the top of your screen. The brushes line either side of the tube where the screen is stored, cleaning debris and dust from the product after every use. These two product features prevent the screen from being damaged by the elements and allow you to enjoy it for decades.

We trust Rainier products because their business operates on the same principles as ours. Family-owned, they value community and integrity in their operations with individual vendors like our garage door company. Together, we work to bring customized, quality screens to your home.

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A garage door screen from Rainier Power Screens is a great way to upgrade the comfort and privacy of your home. Easily stored above your garage door, it can be pulled down when in use and retracted at the end of the day. Beyond just convenience, the fabric screen cools the interior of your garage. This makes it much more comfortable to spend time in your garage during the summer. In terms of privacy, you can choose a tighter knit or colored fabric to ensure your privacy even while enjoying the summer breeze. For these reasons, a new power screen can upgrade your garage. 

Yes! The exterior design of your garage door screen is completely up to you. The frame can be powder-coated in one of 14 different colors. For the screen itself, there are 12 fabric color options. 

Yes, each part of your Rainier Power Screen will come with a limited warranty. In particular, these warranties include:

Framework: 10 year limited warranty
Frame Finish: 5 year warranty
Screen Fabrics: 5-10 year warranty*
Somfy Motors and Electronics: 5 year warranty*

*May be subject to change as a third party dealer.