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Army of Davids Garage Doors provides excellent garage door repair Hubert NC. With our decades of experience, we can complete any garage door job from repair to replacement. In addition, we also install and repair garage door openers and power screens. From the first call to the completion of the job, you can be sure that Army of Davids is working to do a great job for you. You can trust us to create the best garage door repair Hubert NC experience because we were founded with an emphasis on premium products and excellent customer service. That means no matter the job you call us for, we will provide your home with the finest products and workmanship. 

Let us come to you! We’re local, and we would love to provide your home with garage door repair Hubert NC in any of the following areas:

  • Bell Ridge
  • Foxtrace
  • Henderson Bluff
  • Highlands at Queens Creek
  • Ivy Ridge
  • Kingsbridge
  • Mill Bridge Estates
  • Parrot Landing
  • Raymonds Landing at Bear Creek
  • The Bluffs at Starling Point
  • Villa Park

Garage Door Repair Hubert NC – We Won’t Leave You Stuck!

When performing your garage door repair Hubert NC, we ensure that you get speedy garage door service at an affordable price. This means we have a flat garage door repair rate of $150 and guarantee same day garage door service. So instead of waiting around for our competitors and paying their spiking hourly rates, choose Army of Davids Garage Door for quick, affordable garage door repair Hubert NC on your garage door, opener, or screen. View our Garage Door Repair page to explore our list of common repairs including garage door out of track, broken garage door openers, and spring replacement. We also have an FAQ to help you identify what may be causing you to need garage door repair Hubert NC. 

Offering Same Day Garage Door Spring Replacement Hubert NC 

Garage door springs are one of the most important parts of your overhead door. They help balance your garage door, while also maintaining the door’s weight while in motion. Garage door springs can last 8-12 years with proper maintenance, but once they begin to age, it is important to have them replaced by a professional garage door company. Here at Army of Davids Garage Doors, we have decades of experience handling garage door spring replacements near Hubert NC. Our skilled garage door repairmen are geared with all the necessary tools to successfully replace broken torsion springs. 

Broken Garage Door Spring? Don’t Delay, Call Now!

The main reason why garage door spring replacements can’t wait is that they are a safety hazard. With a broken spring, your garage door won’t have the proper support and may fall when you try to open it. When your garage door slams down, it can cause serious injuries to anyone around. It can also severely damage your car or any other belongings you store near the door. 

Another reason why garage door spring replacements cannot wait is that weak springs strain other parts of your garage door. Since your garage door cables and garage door opener work closely with your springs, they are often damaged as a result of worn-out or broken garage door springs. This will lead to even more garage door repairs. Never delay having a garage door spring replacement! When you notice signs of a damaged garage door spring, call us at 910-886-6138 to schedule service.

Professional Garage door Repair

Quality Affordable Garage Door Services

We Sell and Install Quality New Garage Doors

Whether you’re looking for a classic carriage garage door or a modern black garage door, we have the options to make sure you get the best. We can also upgrade your interior tracks along with your new overhead door to make sure you have a system that lasts for decades. To learn more about your options for garage doors and interior hardware, visit our New Garage Doors page.

We also specialize in premium garage door installation. This means supplying the best-insulated garage doors from the Hormann Garage Doors line. These garage doors ensure both the long-term durability of your whole garage system and the curb appeal of your home. In these quality constructed overhead doors, we offer a wide range of styles including traditional, carriage house, and modern. No matter your vision for a new garage door, we can make it a reality.

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Garage Door Opener Repair, Service, & Installation

Garage door openers need to be installed and repaired correctly because they are one of the most important parts of a properly functioning garage door. That is why you should trust the experts at Army of Davids Garage Door. With our decades of experience in local garage door repair in Hubert NC, you can be sure we will expertly meet all your opener service needs. On our Garage Door Openers page, view a list of common types of openers and potential reasons that they may be broken. There, we can recommend the best options for both garage door opener repair and replacement to ensure your opener is both reliable and durable. 

Garage Door Screens

We also install and repair Rainier Power Screens in addition to our garage door services. These motorized screens provide privacy and cooling for the interior of your garage. They are also neatly stored and easy to clean to give you the best in both functionality and convenience. This makes them the perfect addition to any home, especially in the hot North Carolina summer. Explore our Garage Door Screens page to learn more about power screens and why you should have one installed in your home. 

Contact Us For Hubert NC Garage Door Repair

Contact us today at 910-886-6138 for garage door repair Hubert NC! We would be happy to service your Hubert, NC (28539) home with superior garage door repair services. Our service area for garage door repair Hubert NC spans through the Hubert By-Pass Park and near Bear Inlet, so we are ready to serve your home!

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A noisy garage door isn't only annoying; it's also a sign that something is wrong with your garage door system. Grinding or squeaking noises as the door opens and closes are a major sign that you need garage door repair. Loose parts, poor lubrication, and an out of date opener can all cause your garage door to operate loudly. In the case of any of these issues, you need to schedule a repair or maintenance appointment with a professional. Let the experts at Army of Davids help you with your noisy garage door!

Because Hubert is close to our Holly Ridge location, we offer affordable garage door repair rates. We charge a flat repair rate of $150 and same day service. This helps us provide you with the best possible repairs and never keeps you waiting. Call now to schedule garage door repair Hubert NC!

Garage door spring replacement is a repair we frequently perform for homeowners in the Hubert area. Every spring will eventually need replacement, especially if it is reaching 8-12 years of use. Common warning signs that your need garage door spring replacement include:

  • Garage door won't open.
  • You hear a loud popping or grinding noise when you try to operate the door.
  • Garage door opens half way and stops. 
  • You notice a large gap between the spring's coils. 

If you notice any of the above issues with your garage door, you most likely need a new spring. Here at Army of Davids, we stay stocked with multiple types and sizes of springs so we can complete your repair quickly. Give us a call at 910-886-6138 to schedule your garage door repair Hubert NC!