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With our decades of experience, you can trust Army of Davids Garage Door to complete any garage door job related to garage door repair Jacksonville NC. Beyond garage doors, we even install and repair garage door openers and garage door screens. For all our garage door repair Jacksonville NC services, we aim to exceed customer expectations. That means from the first call to the completion of the job, you can be sure that Army of Davids Garage Door is working to complete your garage door repair in Jacksonville NC with the finest workmanship. So no matter the garage door service your home needs, choose Army of Davids Garage Door for garage door repair in Jacksonville NC. Give us a call if you need garage door repair near Jacksonville NC in any of the following areas!

  • New River
  • Midway Park
  • Tarawa Terrace
  • Acorn Forest
  • Willow Woods
  • Aldersgate
  • Northside
  • Riverside
  • Southside
  • San Marco
  • The Beaches
  • Orange Park

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When you choose Army of Davids Garage Door for garage door repair in Jacksonville NC, you can be sure that you will receive speedy service at an affordable price. We guarantee this with a flat garage repair rate of $150 and guaranteed same day garage door service. This means you don’t have to wait around for our competitors or pay their spiking hourly rates. To view our full list of garage door repair Jacksonville NC services, view our Garage Door Repair page. These garage door repair Jacksonville NC services include doors out of track, broken garage door openers, and spring replacement. We also have an FAQ to help you identify what may be causing your garage door to malfunction. Or, give us a call now at 910-886-6138 to schedule your garage door repair in Jacksonville NC.

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Garage Door Spring Replacement Near Jacksonville NC

When your garage door won’t open, you likely have a broken garage door spring. These tough springs carry a huge amount of tension to maintain the weight of your garage door. Over time, this tension causes the garage door springs to wear down and eventually break. When this happens, you need garage door spring replacement with a local garage door company you can trust. Choose Army of Davids Garage Door for all your garage door repair Jacksonville NC needs, including garage door spring replacement. Let us schedule your same day garage door repair Jacksonville NC by calling 910-886-6138!

New Garage Door Sales and Installation

We specialize in premium garage door sales and installation in Jacksonville NC. This means supplying the best polyurethane, three-layer insulated doors from the Hormann Garage Doors line. With one of these new doors upgrading your home, you can be sure of the long-term durability and curb appeal of your garage door. In these quality constructed doors, we offer a wide range of styles including traditional, carriage house, and modern.

So whether you’re looking for a traditional, steel garage door or a wood look carriage garage door, we have the options to make sure you get the best. To learn more about your options for garage door and interior hardware, visit our New Garage Doors page. Also, visit our Gallery to see your options for a new garage door!

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Garage Door Openers

On our Garage Door Openers page, you can view a list of common types of openers and potential reasons that they may be broken. There, we can recommend the best options for both garage door opener repair and replacement to ensure your opener is both reliable and durable. After all, garage door openers need to be installed and repaired correctly because they are one of the most important parts of a properly functioning garage door. That is why you should trust the experts at Army of Davids Garage Door. With our decades of experience, you can be sure we will expertly meet all your opener service needs.

Garage Door Screens

We also install and repair Rainier Power Screens in addition to our garage door services. To learn more about power screens and why you should have one installed in your home, explore our Garage Door Screens. These motorized screens are great because they provide privacy and cooling for the interior of your garage. They can also be neatly stored and easily cleaned to give you the best of both functionality and convenience. This makes them the perfect addition to any home, especially in the hot North Carolina summer.

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Contact us today at 910-886-6138 for all your garage door repair Jacksonville NC needs! Local to Jacksonville NC, we would be happy to service your Jacksonville NC (28540-28547) home with superior services from the Lynnwood Park Zoo to the Lejeune Memorial Gardens to the Jacksonville Mall. 

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There are several main reasons that your garage door won't open. If you try to use your remote or keypad and the door won't open, listen to and watch the operation of the door. If you hear a grinding sound, like the door is trying to open but can't, your spring or cables are likely at fault. If your garage door springs or cables are broken, you probably won't be able to open your garage door automatically or manually. In this case, you'll need to call us at 910-886-6138 for garage door repair Jacksonville NC. 

On the other hand, if you don't hear any operation noises when you press the remote or keypad, your garage door opener may be broken. In this case, you can usually disengage the opener and open your garage door manually. If your opener is broken, you may need a minor electric repair or it might be time for a new garage door opener. In either case, we can help!

If your garage door is a major ear-sore, you're not alone! Many of our customers complain to us about their garage door's noisy operation. There are several reasons that your door may loud:

  1. Out-Dated Garage Door Opener - If you have a chain or screw drive opener reaching 10-15 years of use, it probably operates very loudly. These openers have primarily metal components which make a lot of noisy vibrations. In this case, you can upgrade to a belt or direct drive opener for a much quieter and smoother garage door operation. 
  2. Poorly Lubricated Parts - If you hear a squeaking or grinding noise when your door is operating, you may need a maintenance check. Rollers, tracks, and springs can start to operate loudly if they don't have proper lubrication and tightening. For a quieter operating system, schedule a maintenance appointment with us at 910-886-6138!

Usually, yes, we perform your garage door repair Jacksonville NC to fix your garage door issues in one appointment. For problems like spring, cable, and roller replacement, we keep our trucks stocked with high cycle replacement parts. This ensures we are ready to fix your garage door parts quickly. However, some issues like panel replacement or garage door opener issues may need a second appointment if we need to order new parts.