Garage Door Repair Morehead City NC

We proudly provide garage door repair in Morehead City NC. Whether you are looking for garage door opener repair or garage door spring repair, Army of Davids Garage Doors is ready to assist you. There is no other garage door repair company in the Morehead City NC area that can guarantee positive results like us. When it comes to your garage door repair in Morehead City NC, trust our local team to get the job done!

Our Garage Door Repair Morehead City NC Services

Our expert team goes above and beyond to make sure your garage door repair is done quickly and efficiently each time. We understand the importance of having a functioning garage door, which is why we only provide high quality garage door repair. Our garage door services include:

No matter what your Morehead City garage door repair needs are, you can trust Army of Davids Garage Doors to exceed your expectations each time. When you find yourself needing a garage door repair Morehead City NC, call our team to get it done!

Professional Garage door Repair

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We Provide Garage Door Repair Service Near You

We are very familiar with Morehead City NC and the common garage door repair needs of the community. We are a local garage door company near Morehead City NC that puts your garage door repair needs first! We are here to make your garage door repair process as simple as possible, so your garage door can get back to working like new. 

Signs You Need A Garage Door Repair Morehead City NC

  • Grinding noises
  • Garage door opener not working properly
  • Garage door section damage
  • Broken garage door spring
  • Garage door not closing
  • Garage door roller out of place
  • Broken garage door cable
  • Stuck garage door
  • Garage door won’t open
  • Garage door opens halfway and stops

Looking for Broken Garage Door Spring Repair in Morehead City? 

Did you hear a loud popping noise coming from your garage door? Is your garage door heavy to open manually? If so, you may have a broken garage door spring. Here at Army of Davids Garage Doors, we are certified in residential garage door spring replacements near Morehead City NC. We have years of experience handling garage door spring replacements, and would be happy to take care of yours! Every technician on our team is highly trained on how to safely remove broken garage door springs and replace them with new, stronger ones. 

It is important to schedule a garage door spring replacement as soon as you notice signs of deterioration because your garage door springs are responsible for keeping your door balanced. Without your garage door springs, the door will not have the support needed to successfully lift and lower. When you need garage door spring replacement near Morehead City NC, Army of Davids Garage Doors is the team for you!

Schedule Garage Door Repair Nearby!

Your garage door is the heaviest moving object in your home, which is why we take every garage door repair Morehead City NC job seriously. If you notice your garage door not functioning properly, call Army of Davids Garage Doors to handle it. To schedule your garage door repair in Morehead City NC, call us!


Garage door openers can last 15-30 years depending on the type of opener. To prolong the life expectancy of your garage door opener, we recommend performing routine maintenance. 

In most cases, the reason why garage doors make grinding noises is that parts are rubbing against each other. The majority of your garage door is made of metal, so when that metal is pushing against each other it can create loud, grinding noises and also make these parts wear down more quickly. If your garage door is making grinding noises, then you should schedule a garage door inspection. 

You will know it is time to replace your garage door spring if the following issues are occurring:

  • Your garage door spring is elongated. 
  • Your garage door is opening crooked or at an angle. 
  • Your garage door won’t open. 
  • There was a loud popping noise coming from your garage. 
  • Your garage door is heavy to open manually.
  • There is a 3-4” gap between the coils of your spring. 
  • Your garage door spring is reaching 7-9 years of age. 
  • Your garage door is making unusually loud noises.

We install garage doors from Hormann Garage Doors. Hormann offers a wide variety of high-quality garage doors. Their garage doors are fully customizable and they even allow you to create your own color using the galaxy paint system. We are sure Hormann has a garage door that will best fit your needs!