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Deciding on a new garage door for your home comes with a lot of decisions for you to make. Which kind of garage door opener has the lifting power and convenience you need? Should you get torsion or extension springs? But the biggest question you have to ask yourself is what garage door style will best complement the exterior of your home.

The style of your garage door will be what completes the look of your home, so you want to make sure you are choosing a door that increases your curb appeal and boosts your home’s value. If you are having trouble deciding what type of garage door style you want for your home, then this post will help you! 

There are three main styles of garage doors including traditional, modern, and carriage. Each style of garage door has a unique trademark, but it is up to you to decide which will look best with the exterior of your home. In this post, we will give you details about how each style will blend with your home’s design so that you can confidently make your decision!

Traditional Garage Doors 

Traditional garage doors are a very common choice for most North Carolina homes. Traditional garage doors have a very simple and clean design, which is why they go well with any home. The simplicity of a traditional garage door makes this style timeless and able to blend well with any home. 

In terms of design, traditional garage doors often have symmetrical, horizontal sections across the door’s sections. Although traditional garage doors are a common garage door style, you can still add your personal touch by adding windows, allowing natural light to shine through. 

As far as the materials used to create traditional garage doors, you can choose from steel, faux wood, or real wood. Steel doors are sturdy and long-lasting, but can still be painted to fit your home’s look. You can also have a steel door with a faux wood overlay. This way you can have the benefits of a steel door, but the look of a wooden door. If you choose to have a real wood garage door, then you will need to have it custom built. No matter the construction you choose, a traditional garage door design is a great option to enhance the look of your home.

Traditional Windowed Garage Door

Carriage Garage Doors 

Carriage garage doors are a common choice for Farmhouse, Cottage, or Victorian-style homes. The barn-like doors are a great addition if you are looking to keep your home’s historic look. With a carriage garage door, you can even achieve a Modern Farmhouse look that is sure to increase your curb appeal. 

You have three options with carriage garage doors. You can have a custom wood garage door, a carriage stamp garage door, or a carriage overlay garage door. Custom wood garage doors use real wood to achieve polished carriage style doors. Your choice of wood, windows, and panels can give you a beautiful custom wood garage door finish.

Carriage stamp garage doors use horizontal panels, similar to traditional garage doors. The difference is that carriage stamp garage doors have an extra touch of elegance with tasteful curved hardwood and window openings. Carriage overlay garage doors use X or V-shaped sections to achieve a barn-like finish to your garage door. Any of these design options for carriage garage doors are a beautiful addition to your home’s curb appeal.

New Traditional Garage Door with Windows

Modern Garage Doors

Modern garage doors are becoming more and more popular in the 21st century. Modern garage doors are the most versatile garage door style because you have the choice of glass, metal, faux wood, or real wood materials. They also emphasize simplicity with flushed panels, plain window design, and minimal hardware. Modern garage doors bring any home into the 21st century with a sleek and custom look that is both stunning and fully customizable. 

What makes modern garage doors so popular is their use of lines and colors to achieve a luxurious feel. With a modern garage door, you can have something simple or bold. Regardless of how you choose to complete the design, your new modern garage doors will add stunning appeal to your home.

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