4 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage Door Security

As a primary entrance to your home, the garage door is a common target for home invaders attempting to access your property. Outdated, unlocked, or damaged garage doors make it easy for thieves to lift the door and access your car, valuable tools, and more. Even worse, if you don’t lock the door between your garage and home, once a thief makes it into your garage, they can also enter your home. 

But there’s no need to feel helpless! There are effective ways to bolster your garage door security, ensuring that your home is always safeguarded. Discover our top four strategies to enhance the security of your garage door and home. 

How Your Garage Door Can Be a Security Weak Spot

It only takes a thief a few minutes to identify a weak spot and gain entrance to your home. Common garage door security risks include:

  • Faulty Locks
  • Neglected Maintenance
  • Lack of Security System
  • Outdated Garage Doors and Openers

Having an outdated garage door system, broken locks, or poorly maintained garage doors can make your home an easy target for thieves. To prevent property damage and loss of your belongings, always make sure your garage door security is up-to-date. 

Upgrade Your garage door security

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Top 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage Door Security

Garage Door Locks

The first investment you should make in your garage door security is garage door locks. These are installed on the interior of your garage door, allowing you to lock the door from the inside. With garage door locks, you don’t have to worry about anyone being able to manually lift your door from the outside. 

Manual garage door locks are a great option if you’re looking for an affordable way to enhance your garage door security. However, you do have to remember to lock them every night. That’s why modern advancements like automatic garage door locks and smart locks are a huge game-changer. Automatic locks can be scheduled to engage at a certain time every night, or you can control the lock from your smartphone. This truly puts your garage door security into your hands!

Exterior Lighting

A dark home gives thieves the perfect opportunity to watch and attack it. That’s why investing in exterior lighting is critical to keeping your home secure. Install lights at strategic points, including main entryways like the garage, front door, and back door. You can also install lights around your porch and on the corners of your home. A well-illuminated home is a major deterrent to thieves because their actions are clearly visible. 

If you’re worried about exterior lights shining into bedrooms and disturbing sleep, install motion-activated lights instead. Motion-activated lights will immediately alert you if anyone is on your property but also allow you to rest easy when all is peaceful outside. 

Tinted Windows

You probably use your garage to store many valuable things, like cars, tools, lawn equipment, and family keepsakes. Thieves know this! Clear garage door windows can threaten your security because they allow thieves to see into your garage and assess if it’s worth breaking into. 

To eliminate this worry, install tinted garage door windows instead. Many customizations are available, including etched, colored, and opaque glass, which will allow beautiful natural light into your garage while blocking any prying eyes. 

Modern Garage Door Opener

If you have an older garage door opener model, it is a weak spot in your garage door security. Unlike new models, outdated garage door openers don’t send unique rolling codes when you use your keypad or remote to operate the door. Using the same code repeatedly can allow thieves to tap into your code and access your garage door without your knowledge. 

However, modern garage door openers use rolling codes and anti-theft technology, making it difficult for thieves to access your garage. Smart garage door openers also come with various upgraded security features, including smartphone control, allowing you to operate your garage door from anywhere. Never worry about forgetting to close or lock the door again!

Need Help With Your Garage Door Security?

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