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5 Signs You Need a Garage Door Replacement

As a homeowner, you are constantly faced with decisions about whether to keep or replace important items. From vehicles, lawn mowers, and washing machines, knowing when to upgrade your appliances or home furnishings takes a lot of thought and consideration. Garage doors are no different!

Sometimes garage doors start acting up, but with a little TLC, they return to their normal, dependable state. Other times they become so worn down and outdated that paying for repairs that never last long doesn’t make sense. Today we’re discussing five ways to know it’s time for you to ditch the old door and invest in a new garage door replacement.

1. You Are Spending Money on Multiple Repairs

Garage doors can last up to 30 years with proper maintenance and upkeep. Of course, this depends on the material used, property location and climate, and frequency of use. Regardless of how old your current garage door is, if it begins showing significant signs of deterioration and you need multiple garage door repairs, it’s time to consider a garage door replacement.

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The occasional garage door repair is expected. Garage door spring repair and opener repair are necessary from time to time. On the other hand, if your door is old, parts are visibly damaged and worn down, and you’re no longer confident regular maintenance and repair is going to restore your door to its glory days, you’d be best off saving money on repairs and investing in a garage door replacement. A new door will put your mind at ease and won’t leave you feeling like you’re playing Russian roulette every time you press the remote.

2. Your Garage Door Doesn’t Open or Close Properly

Misaligned sensors, garage door opener malfunctions, and broken springs and cables can all cause a garage door to open and close unevenly or not at all. Cables and springs endure much wear and tear over time because they hold the door’s weight. The same applies to garage door openers. Proper maintenance will reduce the risk of these and other parts of your garage malfunctioning, so talk to your local garage door company to schedule an annual tune-up. If maintenance and simple repairs are not enough to keep your door functioning properly, a garage door replacement might be the answer you’re looking for. 

3. Your Home’s Energy Bills are Rising

Have you noticed a steady increase in your home’s energy bill? An old garage door could be the culprit! The insulation in old garage doors deteriorates over time, forcing your HVAC system to kick into overdrive to keep up with your home’s heating and cooling needs. Worn-down seals also contribute to an increase in energy bills. A garage door replacement comes with high-quality parts that are fully functional and will save you money on energy costs. 

4. The Doors’ Safety Features are Compromised or Nonexistent

If your garage door has low-quality or worn-out locks, outdated remotes and openers, or defective sensors, you and your family are at risk. A garage door can cause serious injury to people and property without the proper safety functions. New garage doors and openers provide modern features that offer convenience and safety that protect what you value most. 

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5. You Want to Increase Curb Appeal & Home Value

Garage doors account for approximately 30% of a home’s exterior, and investing in a garage door replacement will undoubtedly increase your property value and curb appeal instantly. Whether you are preparing to list your home for sale or want to update your door’s style, a garage door replacement is the way to go!

Schedule a Consultation With Your Local Garage Door Professionals

When you decide the time is right for you to move forward with a garage door replacement, choose a trusted, local garage door service company to install your new door. At Army of Davids Garage Doors, a qualified technician will help you during every step of your garage door replacement near Hampstead, NC. From choosing your new door’s brand, color, and style to expertly installing and testing it for maximum efficiency, we have you covered. 

Check out our Gallery of recent garage door installations, and visualize how fabulous your home will look with a new garage door replacement with Hormann’s Design Your Door tool. Get a free quote when you schedule an appointment today!

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