The garage may be an easy area of your home to forget, but it plays a vital role in determining the energy efficiency, safety, and noise control of your entire house. If your garage door is not built to protect your home and keep it comfortable, it is a weak link you should address! 

Garage door insulation is the ideal way to upgrade your garage. Let’s talk about the top 7 benefits of insulated garage doors for your North Carolina home!

What is Garage Door Insulation?

Before we get into the benefits of garage door insulation, we have to answer a question: What is an insulated garage door? 

An insulated garage door uses insulation to provide additional protection against fluctuating temperatures, noise, and weather elements. Insulation is installed on the back of the garage door, either in foam boards or injected inside your door. 

On the other hand, non-insulated garage doors are only a layer of metal or wood. Without the added layers, they provide little to no protection against heat and cooling loss, outside noise, and extreme weather. 

Because the garage is a primary entrance to your home, it is important that this space remains comfortable and safe. That is why we always recommend insulated garage doors for our customers.

Garage Door Insulation

What are the Types of Garage Door Insulation?

There are two main types of garage door insulation: polyurethane and polystyrene. While both garage door insulation types serve the purpose of insulating your garage door, they have pros and cons to suit the needs of different homes.

Polyurethane Insulation

What is polyurethane insulation for garage doors?
Polyurethane insulation is foam-in-place insulation that is injected between the layers of your garage door. As the foam is injected, it fills every portion of the door’s interior, bonds to every surface, then hardens.


  • Makes your door more durable against dents and bends
  • Delivers twice the thermal protection of polystyrene
  • Serves as a sound barrier by absorbing noise
  • Has an R-value between 9-16


  • More expensive than polystyrene insulation 

Polystyrene Insulation

What is polystyrene insulation for garage doors?

Polystyrene insulation is rigid foam boards. This type of insulation is unique because it can be installed in two ways: exposed on the back of a single-layer garage door, or between the two layers of a steel-backed garage door.


  • More affordable than polyurethane insulation
  • Has an R-value between 3-8


  • Not as effective in promoting energy efficiency, noise control, and temperature control

7 Reasons to Invest in Insulated Garage Doors

1. Energy Efficiency

Your garage is a primary home entrance with people and cars going in and out all day. As the garage door and entrance door open and close, your home is continually losing energy as conditioned air escapes. But garage door insulation helps reduce the amount of cooling and heat loss by sealing more areas.

Insulated garage doors are especially important if you have a room directly above the garage. Without insulation protecting the garage, more hot and cold air will seep into the above room, leaving it uncomfortable year-round. 

2. Durability

Insulated garage doors—especially polyurethane insulated ones—are much more resistant to denting and provide better durability all around. With a steel front and back and thick foam insulation, your overhead doors will be better equipped to stand up against equipment, cars, and kids. This ensures your garage door looks great and continues to perform well for years to come. 

3. Quiet Operation

If you have ever had a noisy garage door, you know the operation sounds can echo through your entire home. This rumbling and rattling is a common problem with single-layer garage doors. But insulated garage doors are built with three layers sandwiched tightly together and tend to be heavier than non-insulated doors. This works to absorb vibrations and dampen noise, leaving you with a quiet garage door. 

4. Temperature Control

With more homeowners choosing to turn their garage into a gym, office, or crafting space, temperature control is an important consideration when choosing a new garage door. An insulated garage door helps regulate garage temperatures year-round by preventing conditioned air from escaping. This means your garage will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter—without you having to spend money on additional cooling and heating. 

A temperature-controlled garage also means your car will not be as hot or cold in the morning, giving you a more comfortable ride to work or school. 

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5. Protects Valuables 

Your garage is likely the place you store cars, tools, and equipment—expensive products you have invested in for your home—and, unfortunately, thieves and home invaders know this. A lightweight, single-layer garage door is not an adequate defense for your home. These doors can easily be broken and lifted, giving access to your cars, valuables, and even your home. However, insulated garage doors are heavier and more secure. Many modern options also include automatic locks and smart monitoring through a garage door opener. Investing in garage door insulation helps defend your home. 

6. Strength Against Wind and Rain

Living along the North Carolina coast, the risk of wind, rain, and hurricanes is constant. Your garage is a large entrance so it becomes a primary target for extreme winds and rain. But insulated garage doors can give you peace of mind as they are built to withstand more weather problems than standard single-layer doors. 

7. Reduces Street Noise

If you live in a busy area, you need garage doors that reduce street noise. Garage door insulation creates a soundproof barrier, muffling outside noises and creating a quieter, more comfortable space for you. This is especially beneficial if you have rooms above or beside the garage. 

Want to Learn More About Insulated Garage Doors?

With so many great benefits of garage door insulation, it’s easy to see why homeowners choose to upgrade their garage with insulated garage doors. Are you convinced? Army of Davids Garage Door would love to give you more information about insulated overhead doors and talk about how we can serve your Hampstead, NC home with excellent garage door service. Contact us today!

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