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More and more homeowners are upgrading their garage doors with garage screen doors. But what is making them so popular?  Screens for garage doors can turn your garage into a casual oasis. The most common garage door screens are roll up screen doors, retractable garage door screens, and sliding screen doors. Each type of garage door screen comes with its own benefits, but they are all worth it! Here are a few reasons why you should consider a garage screen door:

1. Keeps Pest Out 

Imagine sitting in your nice space, enjoying the sun but it gets ruined after you are bit by a nasty pest. With a garage screen door, you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without letting in unwanted guests. With a screen door, you won’t need to worry about bug spray, bug repellent, or fly traps. You can go ahead and relax while keeping all the flies, mosquitoes, and crawling insects out of your space.

2. Helps Keep Your Garage Clean 

Dirt, leaves, dust, pollen, and debris often blow into your garage, but with a garage screen door, you can get a handle on keeping your garage clean. No one wants to spend extra time cleaning their garage, which is why a garage screen door is worth the purchase. Your retractable garage door screen will help keep your garage door free of dirt and debris from the outside world. 

3. Additional Space 

Are you looking for a place in your home to relax, and enjoy the sun? Adding a screen for your garage door will give you a nice DIY sunroom. Building a room onto your home can cost $22,500 and $74,000, which is much more than garage door screen prices. A screen for garage doors is like adding extra space to your home for you to enjoy without months of construction or breaking your bank.

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We work exclusively with Rainier Screens to provide our customers with quality garage screen doors. Rainier Screens provides covers for not only garage doors, but also windows, patios, canopies, and doors.  Whether you want a motorized screen door that opens through an app, or one to reduce heat and glare from your glass garage door, we are confident Rainier Screens has the right garage screen door for your home! You can find all Rainier garage screen doors by clicking here

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Our garage door experts are highly trained to deliver safe and reliable garage screen door installation and repair. We work year-round to provide you with quality screens for garage doors so that you can enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your garage. On top of garage screen doors, we also offer garage door repair, garage door installation, and garage door opener repair. Army of Davids Garage Doors can provide you with the best garage door service in the Hampstead NC area. Learn more about our garage door service by clicking here