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The Best Modern Garage Door Styles

What Kind of Garage Doors Look Sleek and Cool?

Modern garage doors are on the rise. More and more of this style can be seen in homeowners’ houses. This increasingly popular choice is easy to spot since it adds so much to a home’s exterior. It’s a unique style that accents each individual home.
You probably have some questions.
Why are they so popular? How beneficial are they? And what exactly is a modern garage door?

The Mid-Century Modern Style

Modern garage doors have many different looks—sometimes so different that it’s hard to tell they’re even the same style! That being said, mid-century modern garage doors do have some features in common.

Modern Garage Door
modern garage doors
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Clean lines – No curves here. Modern doors like straightforward, simplistic lines that keep a clean look.
Minimal hardware – Remember the whole “clean look” thing? That applies to accessories too.
Asymmetrical features – What’s the fun in a plain garage door? Asymmetrical windows or panels make a nice statement.
Unique materials – Natural wood and glass feature abundantly here. Nothing says unique like a see-through garage!
Dark/neutral colors – Keep with the simplistic theme. Nothing too wild here.

The Farmhouse Modern Style

Another look for modern garage doors is the farmhouse style. This adds a touch of hominess to the style, making it more comfortable and classic. This tends to be based on old barn and carriage house styles. Here are some features:

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Muted colors – Keep everything simple. Let the other elements stand out.
Unique paneling – The famous “X” design makes an appearance. It’s characteristic of mid-century looks.
Dark hardware – Adds to the farmhouse look without being distracting. Usually iron.
Small windows – The paneling and wood do the talking here. Not the focal point.
Wood materials – Wood features the most here. Reclaimed wood, driftwood, you name it.

All of these can be combined in many ways. You could have a solid wood garage door with flush paneling and no windows, a glass garage door with frosted glass, a faux wood garage door with an asymmetrical window arrangement, or anything else you want. The options are endless!

Modern vs. Contemporary

A lot of people get modern garage doors and contemporary garage doors confused. Let’s break them down.

Modern Garage Doors

Modern garage doors refer to the modern style, not the newest doors. It’s an architectural style with specific elements. This style is characterized as above.

Contemporary Garage Doors

Contemporary garage doors refer to whatever is currently trending. This has no specific style but simply combines different trendy elements together. Glass garage doors feature here the most right now.

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You’re probably thinking that these sound pretty similar. That’s because, for right now, they’re referring to the same thing! Right now, the modern garage door design is contemporary. To put it another way, modern doors (the style) are in-style and modern. A different door type will transition to the contemporary style if it begins to gain popularity. But contemporary garage doors will continue to be contemporary garage doors.

To sum up: modern means the modern style, and contemporary means what’s currently popular. These two can overlap sometimes.

Options for Modern Garage Doors

Because modern garage doors are so customizable, there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to how you want your door to look. Let’s look at a few.


Wood – Charming and classy. Great insulation. Natural colors and beautiful stains.
Glass – Sleek and elegant. Lots of light. Quite the eye-catcher.
Steel – Durable and dependable. Combines with faux wood. Best of both worlds.
Aluminum – Classic and budget-friendly. Goes with anything. Lots of color options.
Faux wood – Strong and beautiful. The look without the price. Very customizable.


White – Classic. Goes with anything.
Black – Great contrast. Accents your garage.
Brown – Combines well with most houses. Lots of shades.
Stained – Brings out the natural hues. So many choices.
Cream – Matches easily. Looks amazing.
Gray – A fun look. Flows well.


Across the top – Classic. Lots of shape options.
Down the side – Adds a fun pop. Looks really cool.
None – Seamless look. Lets the garage door do its own talking.
All – So much light. Opens up space.

Best Modern Garage Doors

Here are our top picks for the best modern garage doors.

Wood Garage Doors

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You can never go wrong with a wood garage door! It’s classy, elegant, beautiful, and did we mention, extremely insulated? The stain options alone are endless! Pretty much every window configuration looks amazing with wood. Whether you have a brick, stone, or wood house, this garage door will go with it.You can never go wrong with a wood garage door! It’s classy, elegant, beautiful, and did we mention, extremely insulated? The stain options alone are endless! Pretty much every window configuration looks amazing with wood. Whether you have a brick, stone, or wood house, this garage door will go with it.

Glass Garage Doors

brand new garage door

This door adds a touch of sophistication—and a whole lot of light. it can transform your garage into an entertainment area. Want more privacy? The glass comes in frosted and opaque options as well! While it may seem fragile, these doors are tough and won’t break easily.

Black Garage Doors

black garage doors Camp Lejeune NC
modern garage doors

What better way to increase your curb appeal than by having a black garage door? These doors really stand out, showcasing the design elements on your door. They look great with all homes! This goes well with nearly every material too.

Want a Modern Garage Door?

If you want a modern garage door in your home, give Army of Davids Garage Doors a call at (910) 886-6138. We offer new garage door installations in Hampstead NC and the surrounding areas. We can work with you to pick out the best modern garage door for your home and your budget. You’ll love your new door! Contact us today for more information.

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